13 new style pouches to make onlookers envious.


With the onset of a wide variety of bags in the fashion market, the pouch stills retain its hold as the stylish icon for the fashion-conscious woman. Though the size is small, it can be stylized in different ways to suit for any occasion, ranging from work to wedding parties.


Now, we have the bags coming in Eco-friendly, biodegradable materials. They are made from organically farmed, sustainable produced, natural materials that are gentle on the environment and look-out-of-the-world at the same time.

Designers are having fun, exploring the material and stylizing them with traditional motifs to Gothic designs. So, now, Eco-friendly doesn’t mean dull, boring browns and wooden designs.

Come explore this new world, as we bring you some of the newly, best-styled pouches for this season.

Paper Pouches

Paper pouches are lightweight, easy to carry and look chic. You can carry your own paper pouches to clothes shops, restaurants and other shops. These bags look cool and you can design them yourself, writing slogans for your cause, pictures and anything. As far as your imagination goes, the paper bags will play them up in style.

Non-woven Pouches

Pouches made from non-woven materials like Kapa, Tapa cloth, cedar bark textile, which need not be knitted or woven, can be used for any occasion. Sequins, metallic embellishments can be added, adding to the glam quotient.

Woven Pouches

Woven fabrics like embossed, brocade, chenille, corduroy, denim and crepe materials are enduring and go well with office style designs, casual bags and funky party pouches. These materials are easy to work on, and hence can be made into bags that work for all occasions.

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Cotton Pouches

Traditionally, our bags were made from cotton. Now, these simple pouches now come with stylish prints, elegant handles. These cotton pouches can be used for a range of purposes: from storing jewelry to gifting goodies in parties.

Canvas Pouches

Canvas is a very strong fabric which can withstand the test of time. Canvas totes are in fashion now, with printed designs and trimmings that are edgy and well-suited for college wear and tear.

Bamboo Pouches

Bamboo is quite a stiff fabric, but when it is teamed with cotton, jute or silk it makes for the most elegant looking bags. Sustainably grown bamboos are used to produce these oh-so-stylish bags that leave you wanting for more.      

Khadi Pouches

The Khadi is the coarse cotton fabric that gained prominence with the Ahimsa movement.  By supporting khadi, we are supporting countless villages which weave this fabric and are supported by the co-operative society schemes.  These bags come in a variety of colors that are lush and bright, with embroidery work and shell works were thrown in.

Mix Pouches

Mix pouches are made by combining a variety of materials like cotton and jute, khadi and silk, etc. These mix bags are eclectic and speak your taste. These bags are versatile and make the onlookers wonder how you could manage such style.

Newspaper Pouches

For an eye-catching bag you want to carry for your shopping and daily needs, go for a newspaper pouch that will be easy to carry and dispose of in a green way.

Jute Pouches

Jute is a classic material that can be used in a variety of ways and weaves. Jute cotton and jute silk materials look so refined and chic. When teamed with traditional prints and motifs these are must-haves for this year parties and wedding festivities. Won’t the guests be envious when they see you toting such exquisite pouches that make you look regal, yet so modern?

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Juco Pouches

Jute and cotton mix bags hold a class of their own and deserve a special mention, because of their affordability and versatility. You can carry these bags for your office daily, or for your weekend shopping or just a girl’s day out. These bags withstand travel, so use them for your everyday purposes with style.

Woven stitch pouches

Woven stitch pouches are knitted or crocheted embellished with stones, colored jewels or wooden beads. These bags look ethnic, tasteful and different. Try these bags with your clothes for a date or a night out with friends.

A wide array of bags, all ranging from simple designs to elegant styles, traditional designs to custom prints are available in the Eco-friendly material. Just having these pouches will make you stand out in a crowd of leather and resins. Not only will you get a lot of envious eye-balling, but you are standing up for a good cause. Go for it!


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