4 products you never thought could be made Eco-friendly !

Ecofriendly products

Because of the recent campaigning on a cleaner nation, we have seen interest rising for green products. Be it eco-friendly foods, vessels, clothes and bags, a lot of shops are available both online and offline to cater to the needs of the people. But what about some products like computers, mobiles and vehicles and such?

These products have mainly made into the mainstream because of the cheaply available, but sturdy plastic. How can we reimagine these products so that they are eco-friendly and at the same time viable for the masses? Where there is a will, there is a way, it seems! Not only the hi-tech products but daily use ones like sunglasses and umbrellas have got a green makeover, ushering us to a greener, innovative 21st century!

Computers, mobiles and all things hi-tech

Computers are one of the main products of the 21st century responsible for filling up the landfills at an alarming rate. Notwithstanding the amount of plastic used for the hardware, the lead used for circuits make the pile up even worse. Newer cutting edge technologies arise every day, making people chuck their laptops, mobile phones, every year.

But many companies are now trying to team up with viable green solutions for their products. A great line up of laptops like MacBook Pros, Dell Studio Hybrids now are made from recycled and recyclable materials. Yes, plastic cannot be avoided totally till new ecological materials are developed for the circuits and motherboards. But, this is surely a step in the right direction.

With fridges coming in an array of sizes and options, we have a totally unique fridge that takes us right back to Mother Earth. Meet Mitti cool fridges that keep your products cool in the most eco-friendly way ever. They are made from clay, consume no electricity and release no greenhouse producing gases in any way. The shelf life is shorter, but this is really good for you, as you start eating fresher foods, which makes for a totally healthy lifestyle all around!

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Any electronic product with a high energy saving rating is good for your money in the long run and saves nature from power wastage. So think twice before investing in a cheaper, but less energy-efficient device.

Rubber tyres as travel kits!

Rubber is obtained from trees but takes a long time to degrade. It is toxic when left on the land, choking the birds and other life forms. So, reusing rubber from the humongous waste of tyres is a good topic for research.

Reusing rubber tyres as fences, sea erosion barriers, and making swings and other play things are being done in many places. Now, rubber tyres make for sturdy bags for your sunglasses, travel kits and other items!

Wooden Sunglasses!

Sunglasses mean the look. With the shiny steel rims and curves, sunglasses have come to define cool and chic. Who would have thought about making wooden sunglasses! Sunglasses made from recycled materials, bamboo and other ecologically sustainable materials are available.

Make your sunglasses speak green in style. These shades are sturdy, chic and look oh-so-cool. There is a wide variety available. So go choose your frames for work, casual use and party look.

Eco-friendly Umbrella!

Anything as prosaic as an umbrella can be made into a statement making the product. Umbrellas are generally made from non-degradable rainproof material as the covering material with plastic or steel handles. These items get into repair frequently and are thrown away.

Instead of the normal ones, why don’t you try these Eco-friendly umbrellas for your jaunt in the rain or sun? These umbrellas are made from recyclable and recycled materials. If left in waste, these umbrellas decompose in a natural way, leaving you happy in many ways.

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So many products, which we had thought could be made Eco-friendly are already on route to the sustainable way of living. By encouraging and using such products, not only are we saving the environment, but we make our place cleaner and a better place to live. People who have been saying that, talking Eco-friendly is one thing and living a plastic-free life is not a reality, should take note.

A clean future is here.


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