A Beautiful Cake Box Makes A Good Amount Of Difference

Cake boxes

It’s very common that your cake is the show stopper to steal away your party. Even if the cake is your ultimate happiness, using the perfect wedding cake box can help you enjoy your cake on your special day, and for years to come.

Cake boxesAny kind of cake box is great for preparing favors for your guests at the party. At some places, it is followed as a tradition to give the guests a small slice of cake or pastry to take home. Why not put small servings of cake into individual small cake boxes which have been beautifully decorated. There was a time in past when the cake for the guests was usually sliced up and put into a paper or plastic bags to carry away. This ultimately made the cake squash down and got thrown away. A slice of cake in the wedding became an actual favor to the guests and that made cake boxes a whole new concept of fancy packaging.

Show your guests just how thoughtful you are by presenting away the piece of cake in beautifully decorated cake boxes.

The most important use for a wedding cake is for transit. Either you take it for your family member’s or friend’s birthday, a beautiful cake box always leaves an impression. Also it is important to make sure that it arrives safely at the destination. And to assure this we need to use correctly manufactured cake box with authentic material.  

Cake and Pastry box types

The advancements in cake boxes have led in many different shapes and designs of the cake box:

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White folding box:Pastry boxes

These are the most commonly sold cake box.  They are generally manufactured in square shapes with 2 piece base and lid. It is made for the heavyweight cakes that are tall. Normally, due to the decorations and icings, the cake gets taller and then this kind of cake boxes comes into use. They are easy to assemble and look clean and professional.  Folding cake box can be expanded up to 12 inches.

One piece window cake box:Cake boxes

This kind of cake box is a great choice as a lower cost alternative for transporting and presenting your creations. As the name suggests, these are one piece flat cake box that has a window to allow you to peep into for your cake. Comparatively, cakes of short height, cupcakes or single piece of cake are best suited for this cake box.

Stack and pack cake box style:

This cake box is exclusively present for its reusability. It is again a very popular cake box, used a lot and is with a separate lid. This cake box is manufactured from corrugated card material and is present in different sizes.Cake Boxes

Cake box is an important packaging that is needed to keep the cake well decorated and presenting. Talking about Cupcake box, they have an added feature to insert in the bottom of the box that is designed to hold cupcakes in place. This prevents the cupcake from moving around inside the box or destroying its decoration. In such cake box, there are few compartments as cupcakes are generally small in size.

Someone who is into the business of baking cakes, pastries and selling them can print their logos on the cake box and promote even more. This would help them to increase their reach.

Not just the brand or shop name but also some personal message or wishes could be printed to make a great impact. And you can even have them customized for weddings as well.

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Where to get Cake box from?

So now that you know how a beautiful cake box makes a good amount of difference, you might be thinking where to buy them. To get eco-friendly affordable cake box, browse over our online venture Greenhandle. Here we sell eco-friendly cake box that are made up of corrugated material. Because of which the chemicals and toxins present in other raw materials could be avoided. For example, the toxins present in plastic get mixed with the food material after a prolonged contact and starts reacting with it.  This could cause harms to health and hence paper made cake box is the best option.

Cake and pastry Boxes

So now to not ruin your hard work done over your cakes choose a corrugated cake box. This will also leave your customers impressed with your fancy cake box. If you are making a cake or many cakes that you need to transport, you need a cake box that is suitable for it. To select you desired one, go through Greehandle website and select from our vast collection.  Our great collection of boxes are designed for all cakes. We have cake boxes to fit tall stacked cakes, tiny cupcakes, or cake box to present and protect your cakes. You will find cake box available in a variety of sizes. So don’t take chances on your special day or make small details to add up to a big disaster. And use cake boxes to ensure that your special day proceeds without a hitch!




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