Accept The Refused Bags For A Clean Surrounding!

Refuse Bags

The refused bags have the same kind of story. In this era of controversial plastic bags with thicker or thinner density of polythene material we have a whole new variety of refuse bags that are bio degradable as well as eco friendly.

Find beauty in the things that are odd and imperfect, they are much more interesting!

What do we mean by refused bags?

-These are bags which due to some reason are wasted, defected or gets rejected.

-These are made up of recyclable paper, cardboard and light fabric.

-these are for light and general purpose. Can be used by local vendors or suppliers.

-Such bags are also available in large sizes and are suitable for heavy waste from hospitality businesses too.

-These bags have the same material as used to make jute, cotton or juco recycled.

-Refused bags are tightly weaved. That brings together the durability to fibres also with the smooth and fine texture.

The non-biodegradable solid waste component comprises plastic waste (like carry bags, polythene sheets, pouches etc.). About 14,53,500 plastic bags, 6,00,000 plastic pouches are generated in a locality of small town on a daily basis! To stop the hazardous affects caused by plastic we have to find various alternatives that can be cheap whereas easily accessible. Refused Bags provides one such option that is the best in such  category!

Greenhandle has a whole range of refused bags depending on the requirements of the customers. The full range of our services can be found on our official website. Where you can easily place order in bulk that too just with the help of a single click and get your order delivered by us at your doorstep! Hence the best option is to get refused  bags from Greenhandle website! These refused bags are a great option that can be used instead of plastic pouches or polythene bags at local grocery stores, vegetable vendor, roadside snacks shop etc.

-The fact that we sell refused bags at the cheapest rate attracts many buyers especially the all and local shop vendors.

-Prefer to use refused bags over using plastic pouches for rubbish and recycling collections. In case you are going for one time use of these reusable refused bags and tend to throw them away still these bags are harmless to nature!

– Refused bags have a wide range of applications, as these are very cheap hence they can be used  for garbage disposal in households, localities and even in the large garbage bins that reside near the roadsides. Usage of such reusable refused bags will drastically decrease the use of plastic blue or black bags that are generally used for disposal of litter and general household waste.

ne of the best use of Refused bags is that they can also be used in the gardening process to cover pots and give them a protective covering. These may also provide water retention and grip to the flower pots.

There is no point for paying additionally to buy a thicker bag that is non biodegradable. When you take home these refused bags you are automatically saving money in your pocket and also contributing to a global campaign of saving Earth.

Our primary task is to encourage local vendors, households and even our neighbours to take these refused available at various platforms at unbelievably cheap price! And make our contribution to shorten plastic supply chain!