Are Your Plates and Trays Safe Enough To Eat

Areca leaf plates, trays and bowls

Plates and trays:

areca plates,trays and bowlsOrganic fruits, organic veggies, drinks, bread, milk etc. are all in nowadays. Food malls and stores are flooded with organic food products. And people are becoming so conscious of them, that they now only prefer organic labels. But the question is, are these the only way to go healthy and organic? May be yes! But only for humans. Our environment used to get left out in this case. But these days everyone is going crazy over being eco-friendly, which is good. People are turning to be more responsible towards nature. Our plates and table wares are to be taken into consideration as well. The materials, our plates, bowls, trays or spoons are made up of makes a good amount of effects on our health.

We all work so hard to fill our plates with healthy organic food. But the tableware you’re munching your tasty meals on could be disrupting your efforts to keep chemicals out of the kitchen.

Plates and other food wares that we use, comes in many different materials. Melamine is one such material, we see a lot in the market.

What is Melamine?

Melamine is a chemical used in making plastics and adhesives. In the U.S.A, melamine is used to manufacture plastic products, paper, paperboard and kitchenware, including bowls, plates, trays, spoons, forks etc. In some other countries, melamine is also used as a fertilizer, although it’s not meant to be used in that face. In the year 2008, six babies in China were killed and many were sickened because of Melamine.

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Melamine is used as a component or chemical in certain plastic made kitchen wares. Each one of us is very likely to have seen melamine product. In this way, it can be easily understood that plastic can be way more dangerous than we think. Products made out of Melamine like plates, trays, spoons, forks, bowls and cups are hard plastic dishes that are highly durable, crack-proof and come in a wide array of shapes, shades, colors and patterns. And to be precise, they have a distinct smooth texture.

Like most of the table wares, plastic dishes can potentially impose health risks by percolating chemicals into your food. You already know that how dangerous microwaving food in plastic containers is!

How dangerous plastic could be?

A study published in January 2013 in JAMA Internal Medicine found that chemicals in plastic wares can leach from dish plates into food, and consequently into your body, if you use plastic tableware with hot foods. The study that was taken into consideration, involved testing of 12 individuals. Six of them had hot soup for breakfast from plastic bowls and the rest six ate it out of ceramic bowls. The report of this report resulted in higher level of plastic content in the individuals’ urine after using a plastic bowl and not as a ceramic bowl.

Although, it is yet to be discovered that what amount of plastic found in a person’s urine sample is to be marked as dangerous. But, definitely, a prolonged exposure is a matter of concern. Though researchers are continuously working towards it but these tests results are enough to get a little prudent.

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To be more precise, too much accumulation of plastic can put consumers at health risks like kidney stones, kidney failure and even death. One the other hand, the FDA says that, the risk level of plastic seeping into food from tableware is low, and that plastic tableware can be used so long as you don’t heat food using the tableware, especially acidic food.

Better eating alternatives

Coming across all these issues and health dangers, one would definitely want to change his kitchen ware if still using plastic. But this world has got enough better options for every such concerned human. There is an existence of many other eco-friendly options like bamboo, stainless steel, ceramic or glass materials. If we have these options already in hand, why go for something that is lowering our immunity? Its now high time to grab a different option.

Other than the presence harmful chemicals, one big drawback that plastics carry is that it is not recyclable. This makes it a concern in the context of being eco-friendly. By not getting decomposed naturally, plastic stays for 1000 of years. Keeping in mind the hazards caused by plastics, it’s cheap manufacturing and selling cost should not be able to turn heads towards it. People need to be conscious enough towards nature as well.

But since we are already too much into plastics, it won’t be easy to erase it completely from the society. Plastic has become a norm now! The unavoidable plastic materials in our houses could be put into reuse. Also, we should try to find new ways to reuse our plastic dishes at home before trashing. Maybe we can use those plastic bowls to hold jewelry or plastic plates under plants pots to catch extra water. This will look creative as well.

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Where can you use organic plates and bowls?

Whenever you are heading out on any trip or picnic, you should always prefer organic plates and glasses, bowls etc. or the next time when you plan a green and eco-friendly party, you can make these your choice. Getting out should also be a way of going green.  It could be a good choice while hosting a dinner party or planning a wedding. One should opt for disposable dinnerware as much as possible. So next time while choosing an eco-friendly plate and bowl, one should look out for these characteristics:

It should be

  • Smooth & consistent plate to plate
  • Clean, blemish-free finish
  • Compost approved

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