Best Movie Companion, A Large Popcorn Bucket!


Movie time? Get a filled popcorn bucket on! Eating our favorite movie time snack, popcorn, is what we all have followed like a ritual for years now. Saying it a snack, let us also say it as our best companion while enjoying any of our favorite time. This little thing makes our celebration complete and is best to go with movie sessions. As this little thing comes in a small size, it is obviously not enough in a single quantity. You keep on munching over them continuously. It has to be and comes in a container which is more like a bucket or so, of different sizes. Popcorn itself makes us imagine a bucket filled up of popcorn.

To serve them freshly popped and buttery, it has to come in handy popcorn bucket so as to make it easy to enjoy them.

The invention of popcorn bucket relates generally to food containers, and particularly to paper popcorn pouches, popcorn boxes, and popcorn buckets or tubs for commercial use in places such as movie theaters. The invention relates specifically to improvements in disposable popcorn buckets for the selling, containing, enjoying, and personal clean-up after use of, popcorn. Popcorn buckets, containers (boxes or tubs) are produced in disposable paper form and offer a means of personal hygiene inherent within those containers, to address users’ soiled hands from the residue of the popcorn buckets contents.

Popcorn Bucket

The demand for popped popcorn is always consistently on high. Experts say it’s one of the fastest growing markets in the snack food industry. With that being said, many people and popcorn sellers come up with thoughts wondering about the best popcorn bucket to serve their popcorn in. We understand that the market is becoming very crowded so it is vital that your popcorn packaging stands out.

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Let us take a look at some of the best (and worst) ways to package or serve popped popcorn:

1.) Plastic pouch: as it is cheap, this type is definitely not the best one. Your hot popcorn may get affected by chemicals and products present in plastic.

Popcorn Bucket

2.) Next is a very mainstream popcorn tin but it can be seen less in India. This popcorn tin does not carry dangers like plastic pouches and bags but there are some major flaws to this type of packaging. They are extremely expensive as compared to other options.

3.) Paper pouches and buckets: In India, we normally get to see popcorn bucket made up of paper material. As this material is disposable, it’s easy to decompose and recycle such popcorn buckets.

Where are these popcorn buckets available?

Any of the Greenhandle’s serviceable and reliable popcorn buckets or pouches is an excellent choice for serving people popcorn super fresh as compared to common and less effective form-fill bags that have a generic one-time seal. Greenhandle brings to you popcorn buckets made up of paperboard material that is considered to be most ecological. Paper, as we all know gets decomposed on its own and quickly in less time. Greenhandle offers a wide variety of sizes from smaller popcorn buckets for individual personal use to large retail store sized popcorn bucket. Our vast collection is a combination of popcorn bucket with different designs and prints. Popcorn buckets from different vendors is a plus point that gives buyers more options to choose from. Our products are made sure to be used along with appealing and we try to make available professional grade packaging products. At the end of the day, the most important part of any business is to present uniquely convenient products and services to the customers. Products that can fulfill the basic needs of people are our priority. Serving all these things, Greenhandle also takes in the count, the need to sustain the environment.

With our eco-friendly products, we are trying to put people at awareness of how important it has become to use non-hazardous products.

And now that the popcorn market is becoming more and more crowded, it is becoming increasingly more important to know how to differentiate our company and make paperboard popcorn buckets and pouches. Packaging is one of the easiest ways to reach out people to change and using paperboard as popcorn bucket packaging material can bring us ahead in popcorn industry.

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Our selection of premium popcorn buckets and other eco-friendly packaging product provides tear proof protection that helps you to deliver the freshest popcorn possible.




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