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Medical bags

A New Year’s Resolution

Hello! to all the beautiful readers out there. Many wishes to all of you for Gudipadwa. May this year bring you new heights of success and happiness. Being a new year, like always, you would definitely want to have a new year’s resolution. Unlike your gym resolution, that most probably fails after a few months, the one that we will be suggesting to you won’t be that hard in your pocket or on your body. So, now green ways of doing social events are an upcoming trend. We as responsible citizens can’t turn a blind eye towards this clangour. The love towards organic things over chemicals is increasing in people. What would be a better start than today? Why can’t we put forward our thoughts and efforts to make this Gudipadwa celebration somehow a contribution towards Green Revolution? This Gudipadwa, let us hoist a gudhi with a thoughtful and an empowering idea. Let’s come out of our windows with an initiative as strong as bamboo with green ideas draped around a pot of silver filled with hopes of betterment. Sensible and conscientious people have already started thinking about it. At many places, plastic bags are totally replaced by paper bags.  Manufacturing of shopping carry bags is one big industry where plastics are used on a huge scale. We can now see well-reputed food, clothing and also grocery stores making very good use of paper bags. Now, even in theatres, every food item is being handed over in paper bags. Famous food franchises like KFC, McD, Starbucks etc. also have their own customized paper bags and these paper bags are being used by them since a long time now.

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Whine it up with wine bags

Wine bags
Wine bags

Now when the matter is about carrying liquid, we anyhow need to carry it in a glass or plastic bottle. And whenever we see someone buying a wine bottle, they carry it in a dark tacky opaque plastic bag. There won’t be a need to do this if you have your own wine bag which is most probably made up of paper. We would like people to be more responsible towards nature and start selling and buying wines in wine bags or paper bags. These wine bags are purposely made thicker in order to make them capable of carrying heavy bottles. The benefit of such wine bags will be that you can decorate it in a fancy manner that would look less suspicious and also you can keep on using these wine bags again and again. The wine has become a very trendy option to gift on occasions. Since, it is again a festive day today, while planning to have an after party, you can get some exotic rich wines for the host. You can carry the gift in your wine bags which are specially designed and can leave a good impression. These wine bags can be kept even in your show cases as they look classy. Many people like to carry wine bottles in well-designed wine bags, be it for others or for themselves. Also, it’s a fact that when the outer packaging is elegant, it makes a different impression altogether. So next time you carry wines, make use of wine bags so that the gift looks appealing from in and out both. Even big brands or multi-star hotels keep such brand specific paper bags and also special wine bags in case anyone is taking the wine bottles home.

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Get Eco-friendly along with health care

On the other side, a medical sector is also a place that is linked to mankind the most. Use of paper bags is raging in the medical industry as well. Medical bags are not just in the form of carrying bags, there are also envelopes made out of paper or small boxes to carry medicines. These boxes are then kept inside a medicine bag to carry away. Not just the medicines, also the medical equipment and instruments should be kept in medical bags. Apart from packaging purposes, medical bags in brown color are used to solve a condition called Hyperventilation. Though not always preferred to be used but it does cure it to a practical level. To control hyperventilation with the help of paper bags or to be precise medical bags:

Medical Bags
Medical Bags
  •  Take a few natural breaths, around 11 to 12, with small medical paper bags held over your mouth and nose.
  • Then remove the bag from your nose and mouth and take easy, natural breaths.
  • Next, try deep-breathing.
  • Alternate these techniques until your hyperventilation terminates

Although these medical bags should not be used in serious conditions like asthma or heart and lung problems, it can be kept in service for emergency cases. The intention behind breathing into paper bags is that you will begin to breathe in more CO2 than if you were inhaling normal air. This will then assist to bring your body’s pH back to a normal orbit. Such usage of medical bags is yet to come into limelight. Except the design and patterns these medical bags comes in different shapes and sizes.

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How can Greenhandle help you?

Talking about how to grab such items for your business, since these bags can only be bought in bulk, it is a viable option for hospitals or pharmacies. This will help you to get them at a cheaper rate. Greenhandle is one such organization that is into such business. This is a Business to Business company that helps you to pick your eco-friendly paper made products like paper bags in the face of medical bags, shopping carry bags, wine bags, boxes etc. and many more such degradable stuff. We have taken a big step towards nature and green revolution. This shows how the sense of responsibility is not lost from the crowd.

Here you can choose your products from the four sections that are:

  • Customizable- here you can customize and design the available products according to your needs.
  • Ready to Print- these products are ready and just needs to be printed without any customization.
  • Ready to Deliver- the buyer just needs to add these products directly into the cart and
  • Ecological Ad bags- you have an option to post your ads over these bags.

Hence, with greenhandle as your partner, a brand can easily switch over to biodegradable materials to use as their pros and advertising medium. We have various ranges of products to satisfy any requirement, with confidence.

Check out our website, for our innumerable and attractive eco-friendly products, to enjoy an affordable purchase.

Medical bags
Medical bags
Wine Bags
Wine Bags




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