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Ecofriendly bags

Over the last decade, there have been several initiatives towards keeping our environment clean and green. With a future at stake, due to pollutants clogging our surroundings, the time is ripe to think about solutions to get a cleaner and greener environment. There has been a lot of awareness even at international forums and among the consumers about the use of plastics and other non-biodegradable materials to arrive at a cleaner and greener tomorrow.

As a means to support the cause and provide support to the green revolution, we, at greenhandle, have come up with excellent customizable solutions for our customers. While it is true that supporting a global cause also enhances the brand name and identity, the solution should also be feasible, easily available and at the same time, can be personalized, according to our requirements.

That is what makes the eco-friendly products on the shelves of greenhandle the best choice.  While we started out our little initiative to support the international environmental cause, little did we know that we have so much greener products close home? From woven jute bags to non-woven bags that are made from waste products, there were endless bounties to be had, all at a very affordable price range. What was surprising, however, was that one can do anything with them, to make it bespoke and attractive.

Since our customers, expect their brand insignia and name to be imprinted, or the bag color coordinated, we picked products that can be modified as per choices. Hence, today, greenhandle provides with a bag full of excellent, customizable, and yet, eco-friendly products to enhance your brand identity.

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Our range of products includes:

1.Boxes – From courier boxes, and mailing boxes to huge shipping boxes for overseas shipments, we have with us an eboxes greenhandlenormous array of ready to print boxes. A brand name, identity, color or any other form of identification can be added to the boxes to customize it as per preferences.


2. Bags- Woven and non-woven bags, like cotton, jute, canvas or bamboo bags or khadi bags, can add a lot of credibility to the brand napaper bags greenhandleme, and we, at greenhandle, specialize in supplying it to the customers, from their source. Here again, the bags come in different colors, shapes and can be personalized as per choice.


3.Pouches and newspaper bags- There is a range of pouches made from environmentally friendly and bio-degradable materials, Paper Pouches_Greenhandleand newspaper bags, which will not only be easy on your pocket but can be made attractive. Provide us with designs, color and words of your choice to be printed on them, to make it bespoke, and all the more impressionable.

4.Accessories – Several kinds of materials such as envelopes, bookmarks, files and folders and other office accessories are supplied with customizable options, to increase sales prospects.





There are several other products which have been procured exclusively from the makers of these products, such as cottage industries, to make it worthwhile for them and for our customers. As green handles believe in working together to save the earth, we resource the products from its source, to the doorstep of our customers, in a minimalist possible fuss, and time. With innumerable customizable options available on the products, it is easier to use these eco-friendly products, without compromising either on the quality or mass appeal.

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We, at greenhandle believe that one must follow what we preach. We follow the motto – ‘Reuse, recover and reuse’. Hence, our products are either made out of natural fibers such as jute and cotton, which can be reused and are also biodegradable or from waste materials such as newspapers.

Greenhandle, thus, gives an opportunity to enjoy a customizable, affordable solution for environmental problems, without compromising on our brand identity. There is a vast range of products and ranges to pick from, and since we believe in customizing, our customers will never go empty handed from our stores.

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