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What is EcoSouLife?

Nearly a decade ago, the keystone of a multinational company was deployed when a young advocate of the environment,  inspired  his parents. The enthusiasm of their eldest son made them think upon the damaging effects, plastics have on nature and ultimately ended up making them the founders of an award-winning company, EcoSouLife. This company is no more behind the clouds, they have now turned up into a globally distributed organisation which trying to have a good impact on ecosystem.  Very few, in this world, care about their nature and surroundings. It is a lesson to learn from such minds who actually take the responsibility and act in order to make a change. Gal and Sharon Benjamin found themselves inspired by their eldest son who was so eagerly committed to reducing and practicing the most ideal disposal methods for the family’s household waste. This made Gal and Sharon think in that direction and create products that could eliminate the damaging effects plastics have on nature and its ecosystems. After years of extensive research and investments in the development of materials and products, EcoSouLife was born.

What and how do they do?


They came with a very fresh and innovative thought  of offering  sustainable, high quality, and innovative lifestyle products. They endeavour to create products that inspire, whilst also creating environmental awareness. Ecosoulife seek to make a positive impact towards our planet, change behaviour, and deliver safer everyday bio degradable and bio reusable products. EcoSouLife offers a better alternative with the range of Corn Starch disposable biodegradable plates, cups and cutlery. Established in 2007, today EcoSouLife is an award-winning, globally distributed line of sustainable household, commercial and outdoor products. EcoSouLife is on a mission to deliver guilt-free disposable and reusable alternatives to the plastic and foam, which fill our landfills and waterways . The Ecosoulife products are manufactured mainly using vegetable waste matter, bamboo, corn starch, fallen palm leaf, rice husk, and non-toxic PLA resin. All of the products are BPA free, and once buried in the ground, they will begin to naturally degrade. They support farmers by helping them repurpose agricultural waste like corn, wheat & rice husks, bamboo fiber, and fallen palm leaves. They design their alternatives in a way that they break down into their natural raw materials once buried and over much shorter periods of time, compared to oil-based plastics.  This marks to be more safe and green. They not only deal with environment theme but also make sure that they are in constant touch with most ideal manufacturing methods and materials that help further-reduce our environmental footprint while making them more affordable and accessible.

Team and experience:

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As mentioned above, Sharon and Gal are the founding Directors of EcoSouLife Pty.Ltd. They were  working in the wholesale and retail industry for over 25 years. Sharon Benjamin has over 25 years international experience across warehousing, logistics, financial and general management, product manufacturing, sourcing, licensing and distribution. Whereas, Gal Benjamin Gal has worked for over 15 years as a senior buyer of lifestyle and non-food consumer products for large overseas major supermarkets and large format retailers. Together they offer consolidated knowledge on product development and large scale wholesale and retail distribution to customers. With these many years of experience and realising that the processes can be done in a more sustainable way for the environment, Gal and Sharon created a brand that can make a difference. As of now Sharon Benjamin works as the Managing director and Gal benjamin takes the post of Product Development Director.

Achievements :

Ecosoulife supplies products to over 12 countries, and is rapidly expanding due to the integrity and quality of the products.

With aligned objectives of improving environmental sustainability, Ecosoulife worked with The Green School in Bali ( voted the worlds’ greenest school in 2012 by the USGBC for Green Schools) and provided the school with over 350 biodegradable cups – check out our facebook and website for details on this great incentive.

EcoSouLife had joined forces with Ethical Adventures, on their amazing Tour Company! In conjunction with Ethical Adventures, EcoSouLife’s products could be used in their tours, to showcase their wonderful environmentally friendly cooking menu. They also aim to help local Australian Businesses prosper.

EcoSouLife has recently been to OutDoor Friedrichshafen in Germany and received many interested customers and all of them loved our innovative biodegradable products.

In 2016, EcoSouLife took away Editor’s Choice NEXTY Award for Best Natural Living Product!


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The ultimate aim is to remove non-biodegradable materials and bring more recyclable products as plastic products take from 400-450 years to decompose, 1 million years for glass bottles, and styrofoam cups never completely decompose! Such small and innovative ideas can turn up to be a multinational firm tells us to never downplay your thoughts. Initiatives and useful steps are required to be taken towards the improvement of nature because  What’s at stake is far too precious to ignore.


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