Greenhandle offers best Wholesale deals on Paper Bags, Boxes and Pouches !!!

Paper bags, pouches and boxes was launched on 8th December 2015. It is an online portal for the buyers and seller dealing with eco-friendly products. Greenhandle has given the customization option where one can customize the product as per his needs. The motto of this e-commerce website is to provide a hassle-free platform for the buyer and the seller. Buyer can place the order with the customization option where he can upload his company name, image and choosing product texture, handle, style, colour etc. It is an advanced option available online to customize the product.

The website has four major categories such as customizable, ready to print, ready to deliver and ecological ad bags. Each section offers a variety of eco-friendly products to the buyers. The first option Customizable, it is purely made for the customization. The second option ready to print, where one can upload the brand name, image to the selected product with the quantity and done.

The ready to delivery section has products such as bags, boxes, pouches, office products, handmade products and more. This section is more kind of retail store where buyer will get large variety of eco-friendly product with exciting offers and deals. The website also has section ecological ad bags where one can place an order for the paper Ad stick bags, newspaper ad stick bags and refuse bags. The individual motto behind this products’ it to provide the substitute for plastic bags. This section includes products to make the brand impact among the masses, Where one can put there advertisement on these bags.

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Ecological bags are those bags which got refused by the buyer due to some printing mistakes. These bags are high quality and can be reused in the market. It is an ideal product for the organised and unorganised markets who use plastic to pack/carry there products.

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