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Canvas Bags

What are canvas bags?

Highly durable and a plain-woven fabric is serving in the name of Canvas to us since very long now. Used in the making of sails, tents, bags, pouches, backpacks, tote bags etc. for which strength is required. Also used as the name suggests, it is used as a painting canvas by the artists. More than this, many fashion accessories are being manufactured using canvas material and have managed to be always in trends.
Canvas is not obtained naturally as it is or as a raw product material that could directly be used. Modern day Canvas is usually made of cotton or linen, whereas in the early days it was made from hemp. Canvas material is different from other in texture and thickness. This is because it is made using a plain weave instead of a twill weave. Being sturdy, it is not as thick as other heavy cotton materials like denim. Basically there are two kind of canvas, plain and duck. The basic difference between these two is that the threads of duck canvas are woven tightly.
Canvas is an extremely tough and long lasting fabric. It is known and utilized for its sturdiness. Canvas has been incorporated into our industries and has continued to be a popular choice of fabric for making tote bags or canvas bag. In fact, Canvas bags have grown in popularity over the years for being an eco-friendly bag. The use of canvas bags can and is cutting down the use of dangerous plastic bags in the market. You will also likely find that using canvas bags, instead of a paper or plastic bag; will allow you to carry  your purchases more as canvas bags are more strong and soft while holding.

Canvas tote bags

Why use canvas bag?

1) The overall ratio of strength and weight of canvas is excellent. Canvas bags have to be strong as well as light in weight when used as shopping bags.
2) Made out of a preferred durable material, cotton, canvas bags are durable. A canvas bag can last for decades, without tearing or wearing through.
Canvas tote bags3) Best thing is it’s washable. So, one can easily wash the stains and dirt off, after using. Canvas bags require no special care.
4) Canvas bags are one of the most ideal ones ideal for printing.  Canvas is excellent for imprinting because it is highly receptive to ink transfer.
5) Its natural and eco-friendly. Cotton is a natural fiber that comes from the cotton plant.
6) Canvas bags or canvas is very much a renewable resource as it comes from a plant. This way canvas bags can be manufactured as much as wanted.
7) Since cotton is a plant grown with very less efforts in India, it becomes very economical to use it for such purpose. Canvas bags hence become very affordable.  Canvas bags also becomes pocket-friendly and highly affordable for smaller businesses and advertisers.

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An easy place to find Canvas Bags:

Canvas tote bags

Greenhandle is a leading online market that sells eco-friendly bags, boxes, pouches. In our limitless collection, we also have canvas bags. Canvas bags made with the finest quality fabric, sourced from trustworthy vendors or manufacturers in the market. These canvas bags are easy to carry as they have soft handles. The Canvas bags are quite spacious in size and are stocked up in a wide range of colors. Greenhandle also has sling bags made up of cotton, which are in trendy designs and patterns.
Canvas Bags at Greenhandle are pocket-friendly with additional discounts. These eco-friendly canvas bags can be used for shopping, promotional, advertising purposes and much more. Canvas bags are eco-friendly as well as reusable for number of times. This gives it big thumbs up for daily use. This is the reason why many supermarkets and craft shops are offering canvas bags nowadays. By acknowledging this new kind of bags, even buyers get amazed to see something new other than plastic bags. Throughout our lifetime, we have accumulated a lot of plastic bags. Some bags amongst them get lucky enough to be reused a few times and rest of them just becomes a curse to nature. Unfortunately, these bags get hung up in the landfills and tale 100s of years to degrade.
A plastic bag can take up to 1000 years to photodegrade. It disintegrates into millions of tiny plastic-y particles, many of which work themselves down into the earth and water. This heavily contaminates our food and drink, and that of the animals we eat. It’s an unpleasant thought though.
Paper bags, while better in this respect, can still take many years to degrade and take up a lot of space in the landfill. This issue can be solved by using canvas bag.

Canvas bags are sturdy, water-resistant and often available in attractive designs, they can be used hundreds of times before they need to be replaced. Looked after well, canvas bags keep unpleasant plastics out of the environment.

Currently, we pay for every plastic bag that we require to carry our stuffs in. and also we pay for useful bags like canvas bags. So what is the point in putting your money into something that is as dangerous as this? Apart from this, canvas bags hold up 2-3 times more than plastic bags. Canvas bags happen to be a good financial move because if we calculate the rate according to its uses, it happens to be as cheap as any other bag.
Greenhandle being and online venture, sells canvas bag at decent discounts. To get a canvas bag of your choice in the market could get hectic and may be a time-consuming task. Now as it is an online world, one can simply select, order and enjoy the benefits of products without actually running market to market. To use a canvas bag for long period of time and increase the durability, one should regularly wash their canvas bags. Washing immediately after using a canvas bag, keeps them away from getting destroyed. Greenhandle has come up with a vast collection of canvas bags that makes it suitable for customers to select from. Canvas bags have also become popular amongst celebrities in New York and Los Angeles.
So we welcome all the vendors, buyers, shop owners, advertisers to try out Greenhandle to buy Canvas bags in bulk and get an amazing service experience.

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