Making NEWSPAPER BAGS is like saving the other tree

This Nature being a masterpiece creation, every aspect of it is getting affected due to the pollution caused by non-degradable products. We, humans, have included such things in our daily use that has led all these complications in the environment. One such hazardous danger to the world is plastic and its products. The scope of usage of plastic is very diverse and vast. Hence it’s not easy to remove it entirely from the market. Well, it can be said that people now have started taking a keen interest in favor of Nature and are making others also aware of the global warming. They have started taking initiatives to make the environment clean. The plastics are petroleum products; though these can be recycled they give out dioxins during the process. These dioxins destroy people and the environment. Plastic is not biodegradable and hence plastic stays in the landfill for centuries. Whereas, Newspaper bags are biodegradable and do not pollute the environment as the plastic bags do. Without the help of specialized machines, a person can mold, shape and form a paper bag by making use of his hand. Newspaper bags become useful as they can be composted and become fertilizer or material brick. The awareness among people has led them to understand the hazards of poly bags. There are still some people who think that they are not at a loss and can make little use of poly bags. They are still not aware that even one poly bag takes years to degrade and this can lead to the death of any street animal. Newspaper bags are a good alternative to poly bags in our society. The newspaper bags are bio-degradable and do not have any disadvantages in it.

Newspaper Bags

What are Newspapers made up of?

The first newspaper ever was printed somewhere around in the 15th century. Ever since then, every day billions of newspapers are printed. The newspaper is a printed periodical whose purpose is to deliver news and other information in an up-to-date, factual manner. Newspapers appear most commonly in daily editions and a day later it becomes of no big use. People tend to remove all these scraps to make a place for the new ones. These newspapers obviously need to be ditched somewhere. The good point of the paper is that it can be easily either recycled by taking it back to the scratch or reused for different purposes. Paper is no doubt made up of trees but since it can be recycled, once a paper is produced, it can last for years. And also paper can replace most of the plastic products that is not even decomposable. A newspaper is printed on thin paper made from a combination of recycled matter and wood pulp and is not intended to last very long. Although it is less durable, paper can anytime be decomposed back to its original state and can be recycled again.

Can we compost newspaper?

Almost all forms of clean, non-treated paper can be composted. The dry material will help to balance the ratio of carbon and nitrogen rich materials, and since most modern newspapers are printed with plant-based inks, you don’t have to worry about contaminating your compost. If you have an organic garden or are concerned about non-organic inks finding their way into your pile, check your local newspaper’s website or give them a call to inquire about the type of ink they use. As an alternative, you can also try the “dig a hole” method of composting. Simply dig a one-foot hole anywhere in your yard, gradually add your newspaper and cover the hole with a board or bricks until it’s full.

Other than recycling there is also an option of reusing it. Like, read newspapers can be used in many other forms. One such big market is for newspaper bags. As the name says, newspaper bags are simply made up of used newspapers by different methods. Many well-settled organizations make such paper bags which liked by the buyers a lot. Along with serving as a carry bag, It can also be counted as a trendy bag when given with few good finishing. Newspaper bags have eco-friendly benefits to people who use them. One can take care of them easily and can be reused. The bags are recyclable and biodegradable. These bags are made from a renewable natural resource can be reused repeatedly. They can be shipped to a paper mill and remade into the newspaper. As these bags are biodegradable and hence pose less of a threat to the environment and wildlife. People today are manufacturing and making use of newspaper bags as they are more resilient and durable. In comparison to a plastic bag, the newspaper bags are safe. For example, a child may not suffocate from accidently putting a newspaper bag on his head as can with plastic bags.

Some of the benefits of newspaper bags are mentioned below:-

  • Newspaper bags lower processing and capital costs.
  • Newspapers bags help to turn the organic waste into super quality compost that can be returned to the community.
  • Newspaper bags help the organic contents to breathe reducing odors and potential health hazards and
  • Maintain a clean environment

Why Choose Green Handle?

We at Green Handle sell newspaper bags from old newspapers. Our newspaper bags are made from old and used scraped newspapers. Newspaper bags are bio-degradable and in case burnt, do not pollute the atmosphere as much as other material (poly) bags do. Newspaper bags even if eaten by a street animal will be digested by them and will not cause any harm to them. One of the advantages of these bags is that they are easily renewable in comparison to other bags and can be given any shape, size, and color easily. The production and manufacture of these newspaper bags are very easy and the raw materials required for making them are easily and cheaply available.

We at, Green Handle make newspaper bags for the benefit of the people and keep the environment clean and pollution free. These newspaper bags are also available with logo prints. Newspaper bags are available in various sizes and with a choice of handles, newspaper bags are available in a large assortment of sizes. To maintain environmental sustainability all the newspaper bags are made by Green Handle by renewable and responsibly managed sustainable resources. All the raw materials like glues and vegetable-based inks are certified compostable and petroleum-free. Thus, the use of newspaper bags has a low environmental impact in comparison to the life cycle of plastic.

The choosing of high-quality newspaper bags for your daily needs like coffee, tea, nuts, snacks, candy and spices add a professional appeal to the consumers who would love and appreciate them.  We at Green Handle help you to own make the custom brand to any newspaper bag to promote your business. We add creativity in these bags and you can impress and delight your customers with profession quality and aesthetic appeal. We also provide customers with a range of handles in our newspaper bags, from ribbons, paper ropes, cotton cords, leather cords, rayon handles, jute ropes etc. Greenhandle is an e-commerce venture who sells eco-friendly products in bulk. Any seller can register to sell their products and any buyer can follow up with us to buy products in bulk. We are here in the market with our eco-friendly theme to aware people as much as possible to move in the direction of saving nature.