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Office Products

Office products:

Sticky notes, push-pins, printer papers, markers, envelope, files, folders and binders are those office products that your office is incomplete without.  Office products are nothing but all the stationaries used within the offices, everywhere. Apart from computers and laptops, there are few other office products that are as important as any other, within the office premises. For example a simple pin; we use to fasten our materials together, can be found at every workplace is a part of office products.

Office products are consumables and small tools regularly used in offices of businesses and other organizations, by individuals engaged in written communications, record keeping or bookkeeping, and for storage and supplies of information. The range of items included in and as office products differs, and typically includes small, daily use items, small machines etc.

You can’t write down every single line you would need in the future, in the word document or into your PC.

It gets even hectic to open up your laptops and PCs just to search for those few lines. While you need to note down notes to remember, you would definitely want to do it on notepad or notebooks that comes under office products.

It gets even hectic to open up your laptops and PCs just to search for those few lines. While you need to note down notes to remember, you would definitely want to do it on notepad or notebooks that comes under office products.

As mentioned above, office products normally include notes made up of paper. Other than paper notes, blank papers for printer and envelopes to wrap any general or confidential documents, are a part of office products. These office products can only be made up of paper and no other material.

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Few office products are:

EnvelopePrint PapersFiles and FoldersFiles and Folders


An envelope is generally a flat paper container with a sealable flap that is used to enclose a letter or document. In other words, an envelope can be a covering or be containing structure or layer. There is not just one kind of envelope in the market so while choosing the right envelope for your needs, decide where you would like the opening to be placed. Wallet and banker envelopes have the opening flap placed on the long edge of the envelope which is what defines the envelope as a wallet or a banker, another one is a pocket envelope. For Pocket Envelopes, the opening flap is positioned on the short edge. Hence, the name pocket envelope. They are of the most dynamic kind and can be used in all applications.

Stationary product:

All the office products can be called as stationary. Stationary products are another thing that comes under the office essentials. The large assortments of copy paper and replacement ink cartridges help ensure your printer has quality refill supplies on hand. Choosing the right type of paper is a challenging thing if one is unfamiliar with the types, uses and weights of different papers. Offices can be hardly seen with fancy or cute stationaries. The office products/stationary contains printer papers, Xerox papers etc. it comes in different sizes. For printing Xerox purpose, the most commonly used paper is of an uncoated type that is not coated with any clay or sealants. The benefit of uncoated paper is that the ink dries off in the paper. Also, this kind of paper is available in a variety of textures and some fine quality sheets also contain a watermark.

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Office products like stationery papers are commonly used for a company’s matching letterhead, envelope business cards etc. Here is a little more detail about some office products:

Writing paper– This paper has a watermark

Text paper– It is thicker than writing paper

Files and folders:

The most simple and overlooked way of being organized is getting your papers and documents arranged. It is something that’s very easy to be taken for granted. Whereas keeping papers and documents collected and arranged is a good practice that eventually helps to maintain the documents neat and easily searchable.

A file or folder is a kind of folder that holds loose papers and money together for organization and protection. Files and folders are normally filled up with sheets of heavy paper stock or other thin, but static, material which could be folded in half, and are used to keep papers or important documents to keep them safe. File folders can easily be purchased at office supply stores. Although the origin of the file folder is not exactly known, theories point to Joseph P. Meisburger as the first one to develop the concept.

File folders are usually labeled based on what is inside them. Folders can be named directly by writing names over it with a pen or pencil. File folders are manufactured mostly from plastics and papers.  While we make paper into such uses, it should be preferred that it is made from paper pulp with long cellulose fiber, like Kraft paper.

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