Power Is Not Given To You, You Have To Take It. Proves- Madhu Bhatnagar

Madhu Bhatnagar Campaign
The Vice President, Shri Mohd. Hamid Ansari giving away the ‘Earth-Eco Warrior Award’, to one of the awardee, at a function, in New Delhi on June 05, 2008. The Minister of State for Environment and Forests, Shri Namo Narain Meena is also seen.

Madhu Bhatnagar born in Aligarh, Uttar Pradesh, India on April 21, 1949 (59) was a teacher by profession, created an Environmental Education Policy and was the Head of Environment at The Shri Ram School, Vasant Vihar, New Delhi. Her school was the first to implement rooftop rainwater harvesting in 1999, a practice that has since been replicated across the country in at least 2000-odd schools.

She used to work towards getting a dynamic change in young minds for protecting nature. She worked diligently in shaping the minds of school children in protecting wildlife and nature. Bhatnagar believes in the power of children to make a difference to society. This Indian revolutionist has created a Junior Tiger task Force and her students have written letters to influential decision makers and travelled to national parks. She worked to put an end to monkey and sloth bear dances as well.

Head of Environment and Value Education at the Shri Ram School in Vasant Vihar, Delhi, Madhu Bhatnagar spearheaded the campaign for the better environment by mobilizing students. “Catch ’em young” was her motto, empowering students to spread awareness among the families and society. “The most intractable environmental problem marches towards a solution when people get involved,” she said. After joining the Shri Ram School, Bhatnagar started an environmental club known as The Green Brigade. Through this club, the school has been on the forefront of various campaigns like the anti-plastic drive, anti-cracker drive, fighting for banning the use of mongoose hair for paintbrushes, and promoting rainwater harvesting.

Madhu Bhatnagar CampaignUnder her leadership, the school has implemented a rainwater harvesting system in the complex. The rooftop water is diverted through drainpipes to a recharge borewell after it passes through a filtration-cum-buffer tank, which was made at a cost of INR 1,30,000. The work was completed in May 2000 and is yielding rich dividends. By 2002, the groundwater table increased by almost four meters. The quality of water has also shown considerable improvement ever since.

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she worked relentlessly to breathe the spirit of conservation into her students.

Working with her wards, she had pioneered a whole host of campaigns including a rainwater harvesting system, zero garbage zones and grey water recycling. As the Deputy Head of The Shri Ram School, Vasant Vihar, New Delhi, she charted out on Environment Education Policy long before the Supreme Court so instructed. She lobbied with the Chief Minister of New Delhi and saw her practical plans were shared with 1,800 MCD, government and public schools, including some in Meerut and even distant Sikkim!

She mentors the Junior Task Force, which she helped formulate. Her students have written letters to decision makers, raised funds for forest guards and have travelled to villages around the Ranthambhore Tiger Reserve. She organized a Wildlife Film Festival at The Shri Ram  Schools, which attracted over 2,000 students and parents. According to her, her job was not to change the world but to change the attitude of the children towards the world. She dedicated her entire life shaping young minds and hearts early so that they grow up to love, respect and protect nature. Though the death location and time it is not sure but it is known that she died on December 22, 2008, in Vadodara, Gujarat, India.


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