Putting Jute Bags Into Limelight

jute bags

History of Jute:

Natural Jute
Natural Jute

The golden fibre has been in use in India for centuries now. The golden brown color is the reason behind it’s name. The fields of utilization of jute gain it the golden title. Not just in India but throughout the world, the consumption of jute is in many directions. Jute plants being a very effortlessly and fast growing plant, make jute a very affordable fibre. From the making of strong sacks to fancy cloths, jute has managed to enter many production sectors. The another good reason to support this is, it’s eco-friendly nature.

Jute was exported first in the 1880s to support the weaving system in Scotland. And now, Scotland even has a jute museum there. After that period, jute was used widely throughout the globe. Jute is yearly produced in the quantity of 22 million tons. Somehow from some past decades, jute has been replaced by other materials but despite this, it has maintained it’s value. Especially jute bags with plastic bags.



Characteristics of jute:

Coming to the properties that together make jute a golden product. Jute is mainly known for it’s strength. The reason why it has been highly in use for making sacks and jute bags since very long time is it’s strength. The strength of the material ultimately results in an extremely durable and stable material. Hence it is always preferred to make products like jute bags, ropes, mats and carpets. These products last longer than other materials. Jute, due to it’s easy to developing and maintenance property, is a better choice than cotton and linen. It is actually more in use than both cotton and linen.

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Jute mainly comes in different shades naturally. It can be anything from white, off white, grey, yellow, brown to golden. Although, the presence of sunlight may cause a change in color. Since jute is very easy to dye, it is used for the production of some lifestyle stuff like fancy shopping bags, jute bags, jackets and fancy wears in different colors. It does get affected with high acidic exposure and is hygroscopic in nature.

The uses are not limited till this. There are some very important uses where jute works as a geotextile fabric which is laid over the soil to stabilize it to avoid landslides and also to control erosions.

How is it put into use and made attractively:

Jute Bags
Jute Bags

Jute being a very compatible and easy to use the material, are made into regular use in many ways. It is used to manufacture clothes and shopping carry bags, jute bags. These jute bags and clothing are made attractive using different designs like embroidery and crochets. Being easy to dye, it becomes more convenient to design them even further. These jute bags can majorly contribute to green revolution by supporting in eco-friendly way. These jute bags can replace plastic bags as they serve similar facilities.




How Greenhandle helps?

Few people, with a vision of making a change against the hazardous activities taking place in nature, have come together and formed a company named Greenhandle. Their concerns for nature have made them take a step ahead and shake hands with Green Revolution. Together, if taken some efforts, each and every citizen can move ahead and create the environment a better place to breathe in.

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In greenhandle, eco-friendly products like jute bags, boxes, glasses and cups made up of paper and woven fabrics materials are sold. They sell it by directly getting it from the manufacturers and hand it to your doorstep. Since it is a business to business company, it sells products in slightly more quantity. Any retailers or whole sellers can pick up the jute bags, pouches or products in bulk from here. Even if you are someone who wants to gift people a sensible and thoughtful gift, fancy customized jute bags are an option for you. As greenhandle also provides you with an option of customizing your jute bags, paper bags, boxes and pouches, you can print some theme over it of your choice. Or jute bags can serve as a return gift for your theme based parties which will even make your friends think about the green way of contribution. If you want to join hands and make a chain of efforts towards the betterment of this world, you can anytime contact greenhandle for your concerns.


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