Refuse The Straw At The Bagel Shop!

Stephanie Lynn Photography

Plastic is certainly not a great option for us in today’s date! Plastic items whether big or small are hazardous to all types of ecosystems ranging from micro or mega. One such daily use item is plastic straws. About 8 million tonnes of plastic straws fill our oceans and kill our rich marine life each year! Instead why not use paper straws, which is already in use by may food franchisees.

The time has come when we have to make our contributions to save our race from the devastating effects of plastic! A Mumbai based restaurant in the Bandra locality ‘The Bagel Shop’ is taking up this eco friendly Initiative to a whole new level!  Next time whenever you order a mojito mint or green apple soda at ‘The Bagel Shop’ you won’t find any type of plastic straws accompanying your drink.

On visiting many eateries you will see various posters displayed on the restaurant walls which simply shows following  the  #refusethestraw initiative that is running vividly among the eateries of Mumbai.

Stumbled upon a little place which is run by East Indians with quite a beautiful location, this restaurant gives you the best do visit them if you are a meat lover or for a vegan. ‘ The Bagel Shop’ is perfect for a quick bite or if you want to lounge for a bit, read or work whether it is a weekend or a weekday it’s the perfect place to visit. The café serves you a die heart for hot chocolate, cold coffee, frappuccino, blueberry granita and other refreshing beverages. The café also serves plenty of mouth watering dishes on their menu card and most of them are prepared from organic vegetable and grains. Plus they also have exciting 1 full page vegan menu, with a surplus quantity. According to the customer reviews the ones on the top of the list are pesto grill veggie with philly cheese which is one of the signature bagel, the Chorizo Bagel, garlic bagel, the spicy peri peri bagel is a must-try and so is the smoked salmon with the classic dressing and also the cheese, mushroom and olive bagel. The restaurant has also recently come up with a seafood special menu offers a combination of chowder, pastas, salad and a hot pot. Among the bestseller salads is the light and refreshing prawn and feta salad with watermelon chunks which is perfect to accompany your Sunday brunch.

This small eatery, on Pali hill, the meals are interesting, tasty, healthy, value for money. The 2 egg with bagel offer is excellent for 150 Rs!! With such a minimal price and you get the amazing bagels, the best you will get in Bombay! The place has its own charm. A whole bungalow was converted into the café hence the area is now bigger and you can enjoy the beauty of nature along with the wind in your hair! Everything around looks green and scenic! Lots of green plants hang from the rafters of the patio and line the area by the street. The place has four sections with both outdoors and indoors compartments, fully air conditioned and decorated with lamps and lanterns. Amazing food, great location, cosy ambiance and a good wi-fi connection make me come back here again and again.

The plastic straws that you use once lasts for several years on the planet or maybe forever.

The restaurant has put up tent cards, recommending guests to recycle their straws, that is using the same straws for multiple times if possible. Straws add no beauty to your beverage in fact a drink can be a little ugly. Also they have  launched an attractive new menu and most of the cocktails on it don’t require a straw. There are over 1,000 bars in the city, and if bars and restaurants become responsible, they can restrict plastic consumption. For the customers who demand for straws along with their drinks are instead provided with the paper straws that are supplied to the restaurant by the local vendors.

Though the paper straws are a little expensive than the plastic straws still many café’s like ‘The Bagel Shop’ are promoting this initiative to stop the use of plastic straws by the vendors as well as the customers. The manager of these cafes are delighted to see the positive response of the customers!

Wouldn’t you like to have a perfect meal with the perfect ambience? ‘The Bagel shop’ serves you such eco friendly meal!!