The Material Carrying Food Boxes Carries You Too

Food Packaging

Food has gone way too far from being just a necessity. It has now become all together a new love. Right from fashion to obsession, food has just overtaken everything else. When you cook and eat at your place, it’s all about the food but when you eat out, your concern also goes for the platter you eat in. Along with the food, we always make sure to eat in a clean foodware. Especially when we have to take away our food parcels, people should make sure what are you taking away your food in. Food boxes which are low on chemicals will affect the food less. Generally we get to hear about not keeping hot food stuff in plastic boxes as the chemicals from plastic may get transferred into the food. Due to such reasons, paper packaging is suggested for fresh food stuff. By paper it means, paperboard or hard paper material for the manufacture of food boxes.

Food boxes used are basically disposable; you throw it after eating and that later gets recycled easily. Disposable food boxes comprises disposable items often found in fast food restaurants, takeout restaurants and kiosks, and catering establishments. Food boxes and serving items for picnics and parties are very similar in their material. Generally the typical food service products are plates, bowls, cups, glasses, spoon and forks, utensils, trays and also papers. All though These products can be made from a number of materials including plastics, paper, bio-resins and bamboo, but it is better to avoid the use of plastics here.

Food boxes or packaging of take away food is necessary for the customers but involves a significant amount of material that eventually ends up in landfill or becomes litter. This is not the case with food boxes and foodwares made up of paper or paperboard. This kind of paperboard food boxes does not stay in the environment for too long; gets degraded on its own in the soil.Food box

Apart from packaging, serving foodwares are also preferred to be of a paper based material. We get to see paper plates, cups and glasses a lot in the parties or functions. We can say that paper based foodwares have replaced plastic ones to a good extent. Paper plates were invented first in 1867 by a German bookbinder, Hermann Henschel.

Another history changer, Samuel J. Crumbine, a Kansas health officer was on a train journey when he saw a tuberculosis patient sharing same glass to drink water with a young girl. This made him realize the need of disposable paper cup and glasses. He tried to put a ban on public utensils.

Food boxes made up of paperboard are in demand for two main reasons; first is for less chemical involved and second for its biodegradable quality. No doubt, these food boxes can be used once and this maintains the hygiene.

Food pack Roll minibox Noodle Box Frankie box

Single-use food boxes were followed by the commercialization of paperboard plates and bowls also wooden cutlery, and paper food wraps.

By the year 1930, paper based food boxes and other such products were widely used to feed the men and women who worked on the remote sites. Later paperboard food boxes made its place in the defense factory for the workers.

Earlier during the world war 2, plastic food serving materials were in use. Apparently it was realized by the packaging industry and departments that this may harm the food and consequently  the health of eaters. Since then many researchers have proved that food boxes made up of paper or other sustainable materials work well. The green properties of paper made food boxes and its ability to be made into a variety of shapes and sizes, provided food service operators, and consumers, with a wider variety of packaging choices. 

Paper and paperboard:

The list of disposable food service products made from paper and paperboard includes cups, plates, bowls, carryout bags, trays and tray liners. Some paper products are coated to protect paper from getting destroyed. This is mostly done with plastic to improve wet strength or grease resistance. Paper and paperboard food boxes like pizza trays, French fry trays, Chinese noodles  box and soup food boxes, hamburger clamshell box etc., are developed by printers utilizing paper converting equipment such as tray formers or other food boxes.


Molded pulp products are made from recycled newsprint and are formed under heat and pressure into plates, bowls, trays and cup carriers. Molded paper pulp is readily recyclable. Hence it is better for environment as well to adapt food boxes that are renewable and easily decomposable.

Improved environmental mark in packaging industry

Many firms and people are working on improving the environmental footprint of packaging products for food service by making food boxes with eco-friendly materials. Even all the local as well as big restaurant owners can take food boxes in consideration. Many online firms have started selling packaging products too.

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