There’s No Better Feeling Than A Warm Pizza Box On Your Lap!

Pizza Boxes

Many stories have started over a pizza. The affinity for pizza and pizza lovers are all world-known. The story of pizza began years ago when various ancient cultures produced flat breads with toppings. The word “pizza” was first cataloged in Gaeta and successively in different parts of Italy. When you wait for a pizza delivery at your place, you won’t want it to be bare handed. Your favorite pizza can never come hot and fresh without that supportive pizza box. Along with the pizza makers, we also need to thank the ones who are responsible for packing your tasty pizzas in their boxes. No other paper box or product kindles such hunger, as a pizza box does.

It may be the only piece of cardboard that makes our mouth water.

The pizza box is one of those everyday items that seems to remain constant in food transportation. But its technology has quietly developed while most of us have remained focused on the pie protected within. Upon closer inspection, the pizza box reveals an unseen story of the sometimes conflicting relationship between a package and the food it contains. Although pizza boxes didn’t become mainstream, reports of the use of pizza boxes go back to the 1930s. Prior to that, flat paper bags served as the first transportation vessels for American pizzas. Back in Italy, a pizza was much smaller than it is in most of the world today — about the size of a tortilla — because it was just planned for a single man’s consumption. It was a street food consumed by peasants and never needed much in the way of packaging.

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Pizza boxes have long been a silent aspect of the pizza buying experience. We tend to overlook the box, as soon as the last slice disappears. Throughout this time, innovators plug away at solutions to problems that most of us don’t even realize exist. Only recently are consumers are waking up to the fact that the vessel can be just as important at the food in it.


This has resulted in the box that we now know. It’s thicker and stronger than ever and doesn’t always need that little plastic dollhouse table. As the corrugation provides cushioning for the printing rolls, images print more sharply on corrugated than on paperboard. Now this acts as a bonus point.

In 2007, the study of the Institute of Chemical Technology in Mumbai confirmed the company’s claims that their design keeps food contents hotter than standard boxes. Blind taste tests by the customers of  Pizzeria, a pizza serving franchise, back up these laboratory claims. But despite expressed consumer preferences for a box that would deliver the best pizza even for a few more cents per box — food distributors are wary of the extra cost.

This modern combination of thinner boxes and newer equipment has led to an explosion of beautiful artwork on pizza box lids in Italy. Now they look more like paintings than disposable food containers. It’s worth noting that these treasures reach the hand of the consumer after a purchase has been made, so the art comes as a surprise.

Greenhandle offers you our recently appended multi-color pizza boxes along with the plain boxes. Someone with a vision of making a change against the hazardous activities taking place in nature, have put together his thoughts and formed a company named Greenhandle.

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In Greenhandle, eco-friendly products like jute bags, boxes, glasses and cups made up of paper and fabrics materials are sold. We sell it, directly getting it from the manufacturers and hand it to your doorstep. Since it is a B2B company, it sells products in slightly more quantity. Any retailer or wholesaler can pick up the jute bags, pouches or products in bulk from here. If anytime you plan to join hands and make a chain of efforts towards the betterment of this world, you can contact Greenhandle for your concerns. Together, if we take some efforts, each and every citizen can move ahead and create the environment a better place to breathe in.


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