Use These Paper Cups And Glasses; Save Nature!

I guess everyone has enjoyed your favourite soda flavour, cola, alcoholic and non alcoholic beverages in those red plastic cups? These red plastic and polythene coated cups might have a party animal reputation but their growing number in market and popularity among the present generations is a growing concern! The non-biodegradable solid waste component comprises plastic waste (like carry bags, bottles, cups and lids). About 14,53,500 plastic cups, 6,00,000 plastic water pouches, 84,000 water bottles are generated in express train a daily basis !

What do you think will be the outcome of this for our environment?

This data presents an alarming condition for proportions of disposal plastic cups and glasses that are sold by caterers, restaurants, local vendors and large pantries suppliers.

Enough plastic is thrown away each year to circle the earth four times. One million sea birds and 100,000 marine mammals are killed annually from plastic in our oceans.

This contamination caused by plastic cups and glasses has spread in a lengths and widths of the country adversely affecting the landscapes, water bodies, groundwater and most importantly the health of a large number of population.

And we can’t escape the plastic pollution either!

First introduced to the railways by a multinational company Coca Cola, soft drinks vending machines are popular because the profits can be precisely billed by the number of disposable plastic cups used-unlike stalls with reusable kulhars glasses or paper cups and glasses! It is unfortunate that such a huge establishment does not have a specific policy vis-a-vis the environment.

Need of the hour is to implement changes:

At Greenhandle we are proud to say that we supply the a large range of certified compostable range of products. With over 50-100 products in the range of paper cups and glasses , businesses and individuals can easily adopt a more eco-conscious attitude by implementing our sustainably sourced packaging into their day-to-day operations. This includes wide range of eco friendly paper cups and glasses in various sizes, shapes and patterns. No forests need to be cut to be cut for making these eco-friendly paper cups and glasses. Recycled paper, paper pulp from industries, bagasse etc. is used by us to create fully eco friendly paper cups and glasses. The compost can also be used to grow more plants, creating a closed loop cycle in the ecosystem!

We believe that the customers should be given proper assistance about the advantages of using compostable paper cups and glasses. Greenhandle is not just concerned about the selling paper cups and glasses but here we are more concerned about societies and saving civilisations!             

Just after 2 years of establishment of our company we have moved very fast towards achieving our aim of sustainable resource management for our customers in terms of products, services, support and benefits.

Eco friendly paper cups and glasses does not need to go to our already over-crowded landfills.

This third piece outcome that your habit can result into:

-Reduced Emission

-Sequester More Carbon

-Avoid Emissions Altogether

Eco friendly paper cups and glasses shorten our plastic supply chain and eliminating such non degradable packaging materials. We have to be creative in our own way to design better paper cups and glasses and eliminate polystyrene cups and glasses from our day to day practices!!