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Just like any other hidden talents of people that we get to see at times, there are many such existing things, which need to be highlighted. Looking for a way to reduce down the use of non-biodegradable products is appealing to everyone now. Many organizations have come up with convenient solutions and are trying to put things into practice. The current environmental conditions have made it a serious topic to be discussed and acted upon sincerely. It’s a huge battle against non-degradable products, so definitely will take the time to show results.

Why it’s not easy to ban Plastics?

Use of Plastic bags
Use of Plastic bags

Plastics and plastic bags have made their mark into the world. They do provide customers and vendors with unlimited usage. Plastic products have become an integral part of our daily life, as a basic need. But we can ignore the advantages of plastic bags as they are so unfriendly to nature. In India, approximately 8 Million tons of plastic products are consumed every year, which is expected to rise every year. In spite of launching many relevant rules, the expected results are yet not received. Generally, we talk about banning plastic bags, plastic materials and using paper instead of it. But there are again some issues arising up with the usage of paper materials. The energy resource and water required to prepare paper is 2.7 times more than that of plastic. Moreover, the gases released during manufacture of paper is more. This acts like a loophole while going all paper way to act eco-friendly. Here, jute and woven bags come into the picture. Along with paper, this is one good alternative to use recyclable eco-friendly materials. If you would like to show some responsibility towards it and you are keen on staying green, here are some options for you. These bags can practically be called as eco-bags. And our focus is on three main categories of eco-bags. They are jute bags, woven bags and non- woven bags.

Eco-bags are kind of, on a mission to change people’s view point towards it. Eco-bags are basically eco-friendly bags, totally manufactured from reusable and degradable materials. These materials are least harmful amongst all. The fabrics used can anytime be reverted back to its initial state and molded back into new, fresh products. Jute known as golden fibre contains a lot of benefits.

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From the family of eco-bags

Jute Bags
Jute Bags

1.) Jute Bags

Due to jute’s strong, durable, stable and easy to use/manufacturing properties, the golden fiber has been in use in India for centuries now. Not just in India, but throughout the world, the consumption of jute is in many directions. It is used to manufacture clothes and shopping carry bags, jute bags. These jute bags and clothing are made attractive using different designs like embroidery and crochets. Jute bags can majorly contribute in Green Revolution by supporting in eco-friendly way. Jute bags can replace plastic bags as they can be used for similar services. Since jute is very strong, it can be used to carry heavy objects, without any fear of tearing of the eco-bags. Also, manufacturing of jute bags would help in providing employments to people and small-scale cooperative societies.

2.) Woven bags

Woven Bags
Woven Bags

As its name implies, “woven bags” are made from fabric that has been woven and is also from the family of eco-bags. Weaving threads together over and over again create one large piece of cloth. Due to its properties, woven cloths are highly used in the production of woven bags. Woven bags are decently flexible in nature, so it is able to retain its shape well. Woven bags are relatively strong.  These characteristics make woven bags, well-suited to machine washing, and anything made with a woven cloth will stand up well when washed.

Woven bags are largely utilized for storing and transporting agricultural products such as fruits, vegetables, etc. Woven bags used in the agricultural industry typically include feed Polypropylene woven bags, chemical Polypropylene woven bags, fertilizer Polypropylene woven bags, vegetable woven bags. Also, these woven bags are increasingly used to pack foodstuff. Woven bags are almost used by everyone, whether workers, farmers etc.

Woven bags also act as eco-bags by playing different roles. Woven bags play an important role in reducing and preventing the effects of flood waters. They are widely used in the construction sector.

The list of important uses of woven bags does not end up here. There are also special woven bags. These special woven bags are used to serve some special purposes. For example, UV resistant woven bags have UV protection and anti-aging functions. In this way, woven bags contributes a lot in being eco-bags.

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3.) Non-woven

Non-woven Bags
Non-woven Bags

By now you would have probably concluded that “non-woven” cloth is a fabric that is produced by some method other than weaving. The ultimate cost of non-woven bags are comparatively less and that is one of the reasons that it is being increasingly used. Although it is not as strong as any other cloth, the fabric is strong enough when used in a non-woven bags to carry moderately heavy items like groceries. Non-woven bags can be recycled. So the use of non-woven bags will not only save trees, it will also appeal to your environment conscious customers. And because non-woven bags are significantly cheaper than woven bags, it is more affordable for use by advertisers. These non-woven bags are durable and it can be styled in many ways and patterns with different colors. Imagine a well-designed non-woven bag in hand will be such a style statement. They can hold more shopped items than a plastic bag. Along with that, non-woven bags, just like woven bags, are recyclable, reusable, easy to use and carry and at last also washable.


Every day, people go in and out of stores, purchase items that are placed inside plastic or paper bags. If you add up everyone that does this in your community, what you will come up with is a lot of garbage and waste. And this takes a huge toll on the environment. But luckily, people have now found a smart way to solve this problem through eco-bags.

Eco-friendly bags or what they call eco-bags are just simple bags that are made specifically to replace the use of plastic or paper bags during store purchases. As we all know, these packages are most likely to be thrown away once we get home from the store.

This issue can be solved by finding a bag that you can simply use again; a bag that is durable enough to last you several times of shopping. Another great thing about these kinds of reusable eco-bags, today is, that they also come up with trendy designs that have made them a fad in itself.

Unlike plastic bags, eco-bags will cause no such harms like environmental damage, as they take very long to decay. And this is a fact that plastic bags are nondegradable, unlike eco-bags. In other words, the more eco-bags you use, the lesser the chances of environmental damage. Also, you can have these eco-bags customized according to your style. Any pattern or design that seems attractive to you for your brand, can be implemented on these eco-bags. Even in schools and colleges, eco-bags have achieved a good position. In that way, not just only helping the environment but also you can use it according to your taste. With more of these eco-bags in use, the animal threats that are present due to plastic bags can be avoided.

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All these eco-bags like jute bags, woven bags, non-woven bags, can create a heavy impact on the environment. The resources are continuously being used and are getting extinct. In case if we have a vision of gifting pollution free, clean and green world, we need to take part in such activities right from a very basic and personal level. The time is still not gone, we can still improve the conditions. Other than the common layman, there are many such companies who are trying to take a step ahead. Many foreign-based designers have joined hands in the campaign and are coming up with more eco-friendly ideas.

Greenhandle at your service

Similarly, our company named Greenhandle has taken the issue into consideration. Greenhandle is a business to business company that works mainly online. We have shown our concerns by focusing on the current ecological conditions. Our main mission is to remove the usage of plastic bags and other plastic products totally. We are here to offer the retailers and sellers with bags made up of paper and cloth fabrics. Within the cloth bags section we have eco-bags. These eco-bags contain jute bags, woven bags and non-woven bags. Other than these, there is an option where you can customize your bags. You have an option to select your color of the bag and specify changes according to your needs. Suppose if you are an owner of a shop, you can get your customized bags or eco-bags for the shop. The orders can be in bulk to get more profit.

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