Why Paper Pouches Are Better Than Plastic Pouches

Paper pouches

What is it?

For the sale of fewer amounts of products or to carry light weight things, big carry bags or plastic bags could be easily avoided. Though these small sized pouches are more into plastics but paper is nowhere out of the league. We can easily use paper pouches and packets as its substitute in many fields.

Paper pouches can easily replace all the food plates we get while eating any street food from the local food booth.

Sale of small amounts of shampoo and ketchup sauce in plastic packets is very popular throughout India and other countries as well. Similarly, paper pouches can be used wherever possible. Paper pouches remain as an option in grocery stores and are preferred by many consumers for convenience; it is assumed that they are less damaging to the environment than plastic bags.

A paper packet is a small bag or pouch, made from paper. Paper pouches are commonly opened by making a small rip or tear in part of the package and then taking out the contents. Many consumers prefer paper pouches because they hold more than plastic bags and are sturdy, but stores mostly prefer to give out plastic bags because they are cheaper than paper. Paper pouches that are printed with vegetable-based dyes can be composted to provide a useful garden fertilizer.

How is it made?

In most of the cases, paper pouches are made from recycled paper, which is gathered and processed in a recycling paper mill. In some rare cases, the paper is created from fresh paper pulp, which means essentially thin shavings of layers of wood from the trees. This pulp is put through various mechanical and chemical processes to achieve a certain color and weight of paper.

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The prepared pulp is then put into the paper-making machine. This machine resembles a traditional printer in a sense, but instead of printing ink, it rolls out blank sheets of paper that are made by compressing the pulp into thin and long slices.


Paper bags have an entire listicle of interesting uses.

  • We can use it while carrying a small amount of eateries to save prevents hands from getting stained.
  • One can use these small paper pouches to cover all those delicate antiques at your home.
  • Also, we can place unripe peaches, plums, or green tomatoes in a bag. The closed bag traps ethylene, the natural gas released by the ripening fruit, which helps it ripen faster.
  • If you have your personalized garden, you can add an extra layer of weed by placing plain bags, with no dye, on the soil around plants. All we need to do is simply ready a spot of land in the garden by cutting the bags, flattening them and covering them with compost.
  • These good sized paper pouches can be used as a gift wrap.
  • And lastly, thick ones could be reused the number of times.

5 unbelievable uses:

Paper bag floor

To make a super cool looking floor, one can simply layer down all the torn and crinkled bags on the floor and then locate them in stain and a polyurethane seal. Well, this takes the time to show its amazing results.

Party bags

With a little large paper pouches, eye-catching gift wraps can be prepared by DIYing it. You can use it for party favors and presents and to make it more innovative, LED can be stick over it to create a colorful light display.

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Paper pouches can make awesome lampshades, too.  They are easy to give textures and can be easily painted, stamped, stenciled etc. You can alter it according to your liking and choice.  The glowing light bulb will definitely turn the paper bag into a dynamic visual.  Also one thing that you can add is using extra attachments to give shady appearance, once the lamp is lit.

Beautiful fun garlands

Just to have some fun at home, you need not spend a penny. Just collect all the scrap paper pouches and make a crafty garland.

Make Breakfast

The last and the most ultra-modern use is, cooking in paper bags. Next time while camping out, do try this breakfast hack. Place some slices of bacon and eggs inside a brown paper pouch and then cook it holding over the fire. Just be sure to position the bag over a safe fire pit. After a few minutes, you can sit back and enjoy a delicious, hearty meal.


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