It’s Not A Surprise Unless It Comes Out Of Gift Box

Gift boxes

Gift boxes:

Birthdays, anniversaries, celebrations are never too far from its arrival. And you can’t think of visiting occasions bare handed. One has to have a gift box in his hand. To be clear, a gift box in one’s hand while you visit any occasion makes one look complete. Now as important it is to select a gift, selecting a gift wrap or cover is equally important. The outer appearance is what attracts first. And when it is a gift, its better you don’t take any chance. If ever you have gifted someone, you know that part of the fun is the curiosity that is seen on the face of the recipient wondering what’s inside the gift box.

To be honest is gifts weren’t wrapped; there would have been no fun. If the recipient could see directly what’s the gift, all the surprise would have gone. That feeling to hide the identity of the gift is itself a fun. And this consequently led people to box up the gifts. At first, all we could think about covering is wrapping up the gift with gift wrappers. But an amazing alternative to this is gift box. Now this carries too many varieties. One can box up the gifts in the gift box of different color, sizes and designs.

To talk in a very non-manual manner, gift wrapping is a visual signal that is associated with happy events in a person’s life.

Early days of gifting:

The methodology of wrapping up the gifts has been around for centuries. Earlier gift wrapping paper was made of hemp, bamboo fibers, and rice straws. In Japan, the traditional reusable wrapping cloth called the “Furoshiki” has been in the use. The origin of gift wrapping is considered to be in Asia. Be it in the days of start or now, gifts beautifully presented in a cover i.e. in a gift box, enhances its beauty. An unwrapped gift seems almost naked.

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Gift box description:

Gift boxes

 The basic and primary role of the gift box is to provide a complete protection to the item inside but in a beautiful appearance. Apart from protection, it should always be appealing enough to create curiosity. When it comes to the material of gift box, plastic is on every next stall. And may be more than that. Buying a plastic gift box is highly expensive but when you throw them in the trash, this plastic packaging does nothing but makes your trash full of garbage. So ultimatum is, you invest your money in something that becomes a waste and stays in the environment, causing harm to it. Regular traditional plastics are made with several chemicals and toxic materials. Being harmful it has always been in use and has been the most favorite packaging material for most of the gift box manufacturers. Plastic being rigid attracts people’s choice as is not easy to be broken. Apart from plastic, gift box is also available in paper material that is thick enough. Paper gift box is equally rigid and reusable. Manufacturers are seen turning towards it as well. Also when they become useless, they do not harm the environment. Another option is bamboo; gift box made up of bamboo is more reliable than any other.  The major purpose of using the bamboo for gift box is that it plays an important role in the awareness of the eco-friendly packaging product. In this way gift box becomes the identity of green and eco-friendly way of living packaging.

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Eco-friendly gift box:Gift boxes

When you decide to gift something to your beloved, you try to choose a special thing to gift that can be useful for that person and also not harmful for nature. Your gift can be even more useful for them if you keep them in an eco-friendly gift box. Later, eco-friendly gift box can be used to do random crafts. For example, the gift box made up of cardboard can be used to make a flower vase, photo frame etc. When one throes these eco-friendly gift box in trash, it gets decomposed naturally and quickly as compared to plastic gift box. Bamboo being a natural air purifier is a good thing to have around. Whereas, these eco-friendly materials also contribute to recyclable and reusable category.

 Where can you get Eco-friendly Gift boxes?

Gift boxes

Once people are done with unwrapping of the gift, all the trash bags are left with shiny waste gift wrappers. Being a plastic material, it does not gets decomposed easily. And that creates a lot of waste. There are many retailers, companies, and packaging manufacturers etc. that are much more concerned about the environment and are using eco-friendly packaging products. The list of such ventures contains a name, Greenhandle that is equally responsible to contribute in the provision of eco-friendly packaging. Vendors, manufacturers and users of eco-friendly packaging products can make use of Greenhandle. Greenhandle being an online website of business serves all.  As a user when you decide to go for a packaging that is eco-friendly, you will get to know about numerous options to choose from. one can get the required gift box in bulk at wholesale price from Greenhandle. One can simply place the order to purchase the wholesale eco-friendly gift boxes for your shop by visiting Greenhandle website. 

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Now because of awareness among people, many big brands are also reviewing the type of gift boxes. Eco-friendly packaging gift boxes are being used for trading purpose a lot these days. For they serve an advantage of reusing and recycling. Gift box can be reshaped beautifully to make them look more attractive and bright colors items from them. The sustainable materials used in our gift box provides numerous techniques using which enables us to use them multiple times and they also don’t produce pollution. We never leave our customers disappointed. The orders of the customers are delivered to them in time. The customers are given high priority and the product that they want to purchase is delivered to them. There’s no denying in the fact that a stack of beautifully wrapped presents in an eco-friendly gift box makes us as well as our environment happy.


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