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Round Jewellery Gift Box
    77.26 -  85.74  / Piece
50 Pieces (Min. Order)
Hexa Jewellery Gift Box
    118.84 -  136.82  / Piece
50 Pieces (Min. Order)
Boat Shaped Jewellery Gift Box
    112.88 -  136.82  / Piece
50 Pieces (Min. Order)

Ready To Deliver

The Ready to Deliver products are always in stock, and can be shipped quickly for a fast delivery. All the products listed in this section are always available for purchase, and wholesale purchase options are available too. These products are available only in the specified sizes and dimensions; customization is not an option for this line of products.


This category include a wide selection of boxes that include cake and pastry boxes, food boxes, gift boxes, shipping boxes etc. They are made from recycled materials like corrugated board paper, duplex paper, kraft paper etc. and hence they are biodegradable. They can also be reused in several ways in our day to day lives. For instance a gift box can be reused to hold keys or a shipping box can be repurposed for storage.

Gift boxes

The gift boxes are made from handmade bamboo mat. They are available in attractive colours, variety of designs, and in unique shapes like boat shape, hexagon, circle etc. They are ideal as gift boxes and can hold jewellery, small knick knacks, valuable items, etc. These trendy boxes are a great replacement for plastics.

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