The Golden Fiber For A Clean Environment: Say Yes To Jute Pouches!

Designer Jute Pouch

“Delhi generates over 538 metric tonnes of plastic waste annually, a maximum covers plastic bags despite ban on their use by the city government” one out of the thousands pitiful news headlines that reveals the state of poor environmental practices among the people of your country that leaves nature in a state of sorry. Polythene made from a simple chemical reaction between chemical compound Like ethylene is no doubt among the world’s most widely used plastic for making packaging bags but it is piling up at a high alarming rate and spreading at a toxic scale. They are non biodegradable. They litter the roads, gardens, the clean beaches, snaring water creatures and chocking animals and humans as well. Another facts tells that polythene demands likely to rise in India by 129% far suppressing Asia’s projected growth rate of 81%” and if projections are correct, India will be the second largest importer of polyethylene by 2023!! These facts sound, scary didn’t they?

Our one small step, a quite easy one can make difference in our own NEIGHBORHOOD and then reaching up the limits on the global level. As we need to get there sooner and better why not start using the bags made by natural product like jute today itself? – it’s a renewable resource – you use your jute pouch over and over which must be excellent of all?

Jute Pouch

The time is here when you can make your own gripe! Use of jute bag and jute pouch can be best described as the modest measure to save environment! And in a country like India where the jute production contributes more than 50% to the global market, there is an abundant resource for the production of jute pouch. Jute plant fibre can be spun into strong threads, is one of the cheapest, durable and most importantly environmental friendly.

Multicolor Jute PouchShouting ‘green’ and ‘save the planet’ is not a call of yesterday but it is continuous, understated, almost but not quite – unnoticeable!! Jute pouch falls in the category of reusable bags, simply giving us a deliberate alternative to not only avoid but prohibit plastics. Won’t you like to go for a win win situation in all cases? “In the neatly painted room are four sewing machines and meticulously stacked jute pouches. The bags, in hues, tell the full story.” a volunteer with the Art of Living, Shikha Grover gives a shining examples how this golden fibre has also led the inner quest of women in a small Karnataka village to excel. Hence, if we take a deeper look into this matter the studies gives us a strong sense that promoting a market of jute goods has great importance in the local communities and sustainability outcomes.

Apart from providing livelihood to large number of small and marginal farmers, the making of this handy jute pouch provides employment to thousands of people who are involved in the trades. But here’s another sad story that despite the high leaps in demand for biodegradable jute related products such as trendy jute tote bags, beach bags, jute pouch etc in the western world there is less build up awareness of it in our country

Multicolor Jute PouchThere is nothing more important to acquire than the ability to transfer an idea from your mind to the another. And various eco ventures and startups are helping to reach a vision of clean India by engaging the general public in the whole designing process of jute pouch. One such organisation, ‘Greenhandle’ creates a important platform to highlight the craftsmanship of jute bag and jute pouch and how they and make the best of the enormous potential of jute. You can have your own customized jute pouch and jute bag with your favourite color, attractive patterns and in multitude sizes or maybe gift a fancy attractive jute pouch as a token of love to your near and dear ones and connect them to nature! Making your big move towards saving the environment has never been so easy, just one click to place your order and such e commerce companies lead you to save thousands of lives the same second!

The depth lies in the fact that how much are we putting in to become a environment conscious customer who also cares about aesthetics and quality and demand for a product that takes us back to the healthy and clean indigenous societies we come from! Switch your choice from plastic clutch to the jute pouch and get reconnected to a better world! Today!