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Ready To deliver

The Ready to Deliver products are always in stock, and can be shipped quickly for a fast delivery. All the products listed in this section are always available for purchase, and wholesale purchase options are available too. These products are available only in the specified sizes and dimensions; customization is not an option for this line of products.


This category includes a wide range of pouches of different materials like cotton, jute, bamboo, paper etc, and they are also available in many different sizes and colours. Their utility is just as varied - storing pencils/pens, makeup items, gifts, food items, coins etc. These trendy, stylish pouches are biodegradable, and they can be reused in several ways in our day to day lives.

Jute Pouches

The jute pouches, as the name suggests, are made from jute, and hence are eco-friendly. They are available in different sizes including small, medium, and large. They also come in lovely pastel colours like blue, brown, green, orange, white, etc. These simple yet trendy pouches can carry up to 1 kg, and therefore have a wide utility - as gift bags, coin purses, mobile phone holders, etc. They are a great alternative for plastics

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