GH Contribution

GH Contribution

We are not just a Startup but a responsible Startup who knows his responsibility towards the society and country. To support our Hon'ble PM’s social cost “To make India plastic free” we thought to contribute and started free newspaper bags stand to reduce the usage of single use plastic bags. This is the initiatives to make our society free from single use plastic bags and provide them the alternate of plastic bags free of cost.

Place to Fine

You can Easily Find the Newspaper Bags Stand On these places which are absolutely free for everyone and can take the bag from the stand to carry with them, without paying anything to anyone. It’s Free for All.

Co-working and Corporate office

You can Easley find the stands in any of the co-working or big corporate offices in Mumbai City.

Metro and Airports

We are communicating with authority and waiting for the final approval to start to keep these free bags on metros and Airports.

Events and Exhibitions

We always try to make all events plastic free and keep the stand on as much as events we can reach and get approvals.

Malls and Temples

In all big malls and some well known temples in Mumbai are part of these initiatives and are looking to make Mumbai plastic free by keeping these bags.


We don’t just keep this stand but we also spread the awareness between the next generation by doing awareness events and campaigns.

School and Colleges

Creating awareness between the future of our society is very important and schools and colleges are the best places to catch them.

Organize Market and Societies

If each society in our city decided and band the usage of plastic bags than there is no other things to do so we meet them and educate them.


We are also carrying the same idea what our Hon. PM Keep saying to us. Let make India plastic free till 2022 so be the part of this core and keep the mission alive by start avoiding plastic bags.

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