Gh Support

GH Support

Support” is the initiative to support rural India especially women who are unemployed and their household income is very less which causes them not to get basic life services such as food, education of children, house rent, or own home. We help such women to increase their household income and come out from income issues. To help such people the only way is to employ them which is not just going to help them to raise their household income but also going to help the society to reduce the usage of single used plastic bags.

Whom We Support


We are associated with Nonprofit NGO’s who work for the betterment and for the progress of the people. We both are looking to raise their income by providing guaranteed work from home options. Currently, we are working with 10 + NGOs from pan India.

A special school and colleges

We are well connected and invite more such institutions to come and register with us, get your institution to start with us or get associated with our registered NGOs from your city. Currently, we are working with few institutions and it is something more than any compassed job.

Jail Prisoners

Most of the time Prisoners don’t get the commercial work that can develop the skill and later after going from jail they can do what they learn in their prisoner duration. Here we stepped up and decided to put them to make newspaper bags so once they go out they can start the same thing.

Old Age Shelter (Ashrams)

People don't have any source of income for their small needs. We support them to start and earn with their own hands and become self-dependent for their regular needs. Ashrams also get relief as each person staying in an ashram is working and earning by their own hand.

How we Support

Greenhandle simply asks such institutions to register under the ghsupport and get the orders of making newspaper bags which will get sold on the website and the amount will get credited to respective organizations or institutions.

Register and Sell online

You need to register your organization institution with some basic details and start selling the products online under ghsupport initiative and get payment into account.

Associate with NGO’s

If you don’t want to go online, no issue we will connect you with our register NGO’s in your city and you can supply them directly and get paid.

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